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If you want to say anything about the way I play Lyle, if he's out of character or if you know a way I can play him better, please, please comment here. ^^

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phone | camera | email | text | voice mail | video | idek man everything ever it's the future

"Hi, you've reached Lyle Dylandy's mobile. For some reason I can't answer your call right now, but if you leave me a message I'll get back to you."


phone number: if you're his friend, colleague or have Veda access, assume you have it. |Db


Same drill as always, guys - IC contact post for Lyle, leave a message or make a phone call, just make sure you put whatever the medium is in the comment subject line!
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Because the old one was outdated and Vivi has pretty code. :| /stickies this!

Romantic feelings for.
Drinking buddy.
Knows about the thing with Kataron/Celestial Being.
Curious about.
Wary about/doesn't trust.

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Last updated: 01/02/2011
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[Well, Neil had called asking to meet after that last virus, and who had Lyle been to refuse him? After Neil's little trip to the past and Lyle's little trip into the future, Lyle was more than ready to chat to his brother in person for once. Especially since his trip to the future, while hazy, he remembered being depressing enough for it to be worrying, and especially since even though he was now in more regular contact with his twin than he'd been in the ten years before that, this sort of meeting up thing was still pretty rare.

... besides, he wanted to smooth things over a little since their last real conversation before the virus and the phone call had been a fight. Even if it had been a fight with the best intentions.

So there Lyle was in a quieter area of the city, waiting for his brother to get there on his space legs.]
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Uh... people of the Celestial Being-like persuasion? Not that I'm an expert at this passing on useful or relevant information to secret terrorist organisations or anything, but there's something going on in the Middle East somewhere that you might want to take a look at. I've got a friend in the military stationed out there right now and he's said that they're picking up some weird readings on their radar, like there's something in the area that shouldn't be. Apparently their base is in the middle of a desert days away from any civilisation, but the signal they're picking up is something huge. You think it might have anything to do with your missing person?
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[Lyle seems to excel at making accidental posts the more traditional way - ie through pressing the wrong button rather than being stalked by the community - and this would be no exception. This time he's flicked a wrong switch, and so you get the tail-end of some very adrenalin-fueled breathing before there's an incredulous, disbelieving laugh.]

... I did it. [And another small chuckle, more proud this time.] I hope you were watching down there, because like hell am I giving an encore of that.

[And then there's another voice, more crackling as if it's coming through from another speaker, with a slight German accent:] "Yeah, I was watching. Now get down here so we can celebrate properly and I can tell you that I told you so."

Yeah, yeah -- [and then Lyle flicks another switch, or the community decides to interfere, and the voice feed ends.]
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[So it's a fairly normal May evening in Belfast and low and behold, Lyle Dylandy's walking home through the actually pretty nice for once May weather, unlocking his flat rather nonchalantly and walking in, chucking his briefcase and jacket on the sofa as he does so.

It's only when he's gotten to the 'getting the tie off' stage that he hears the sound of clinking and rustling coming from the kitchen. Which is... decidedly odd. Who's managed to get into his flat and is just going through his fridge like that? Definitely not your average burglar...

Making his way to the kitchen, he stops dead in his tracks on seeing who it actually is.]

... Nena?!
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[At around the time Neil is killed by Hector on the on-screen feed, this is posted. It's clear that it's not an intentional post, but neither is it one of those sneaky community-posted ones - this is your genuine, posted-by-pressing-a-wrong-button voice post.

Or, you know, in this case slamming your fist down on it in frustration, as it's clear from the loud thump that accompanies the start of the recording that that's what Lyle's done.

There's another loud, dull thud, after that. Like someone hitting a desk. Some shaky, disbelieving, scaredangry breathing. Then another, softer thud. This one more like someone resting their head on the desk in shock.

Or despair.

There's another shaky breath, and then Lyle's voice, quiet and desperate and angry and on the edge of losing control.]

Fucking damn it, Neil, no...

[And then the feed cuts out.]

((ooc: All replies will ICly be about an hour or so later.))
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[So after the whole thing with his shadow, he and Neil had arranged a date and time to meet. Neil had seemed pretty intent on not having anyone know he was back in Ireland if possible, and they'd ended up finding a park that Lyle knew would be more or less empty to meet in.

He wondered whether it was a bad thing or not that he wasn't as surprised as he ought to have been about Neil being so secretive. What with the lack of a return address on everything that had been sent, the sudden and abrupt end to what little contact they'd still had, and the bits and pieces that had filtered out through the community - Michael and Nena, for instance, not to mention something that Tieria had let slip - had only really confirmed his nagging suspicion that there was something fishy going on. So he'd kept quiet and nodded and if Neil thought that was strange, he hadn't mentioned it.

So there they were and here he was, standing leaning on the back of a park bench on a cold cloudy day in January, nursing a cigarette and trying not to feel too nervous about actually properly meeting his only remaining family member for the first time in years.]
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[The DDD High School art department is, in three words, Glorious Organised Chaos. And even then only loosely organised. There's various half-finished student work lying over the place, drying racks stacked with paintings, overflowing drawers full of art supplies, and scraps of paper lying on the floor.

Lyle's lounging at his desk or flitting around the department and is available for any students to holler for if they need help; meanwhile, there's a huge pile of books about Surrealism on the desk for help with the assignment, and all the art materials you could want to play with.]

((ooc: BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUN, have an open RL for anyone working on their art assignment after school. :> Other students can also feel free to drop in and annoy Lyle/their friends/the art department in general; teachers can also feel free to drop by if you have a need to. GO NUTS GUYS.))
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Day Two of being a Small Electric Rodent

Spent two hours writing an email to my boss this morning with no spelling mistakes in it pretending I was sick (God bless Microsoft Word and its spellcheck). Accidentally shocked myself in the shower today. And I blew another lightbulb under the power of my own electricity. That takes the count up to three (3). FML.

... So, that was my day. How was it for everyone else?
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[Brought to you by DDD-privacy-invasion LIVE!, have a recording that appears to be coming directly from Lyle's mobile, if the way that you can only hear half of the conversation is anything to go by. Also, sadly for you, dear listener, it seems like you've managed to connect only half-way through the conversation.]

... so there's nothing new as far as I can get on this en --

[pause. when Lyle speaks again, he sounds ever so slightly nettled, although that perpetual teasing tone is still there in his voice.]

Look, we've talked about this. I know you're just dying to get me out there, but I don't have the first idea how to work one of those bloody things, let alone do whatever it is you want me to do with them. And I can't just take myself off and vanish for weeks on end either.


... I'll think about it, okay?

[and with that, the recording cuts off.]
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[Lyle was in one of the corridors during the Commander - no, sorry, Captain's - final announcement. He waits until it's over, and when it is he looks thoughtful, maybe even a little nostalgic. He doesn't want to lose his memories of this place, if there's a chance of that, but, well.... he's got a job to do.

He looks at the sphere, grinning a little lopsidedly at it.]

I guess this is it for us then, huh?

[filtered to Neil;]

Hey, Neil? Want to do one last thing before we leave?
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Just a heads-up that this journal is now being used for both [ profile] crucible_rpg and [ profile] dramadramaduck!

I will tag all entries according to what game they're for, but as Crucible is ending soon and I don't see myself using this journal to make DDD-entries until that game's over, I don't think we'll have too many problems. ^^ Thanks for understanding!
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[This is probably not the Lyle you are looking for. When the sphere switches on, it looks like Lyle's the latest to be hit by the no-holds-barred anomaly extravaganza that's going on at the moment - so, dear Crucible passengers, you currently have a twelve-year-old on your hands who looks about 3 parts lost and uncertain and one part unimpressed.

Oh, and that Ulster accent of his? Is even thicker than it usually is.]

Neil? Amy? Where are you guys? If this is some sort of prank, it's not very funny. And you didn't have to steal my clothes.

[He folds his arms, the sleeves of his oversized top having been rolled up so he can use his hands better. He's also looking a lot more nervous now that he's not getting a response.] Come on, guys, you can come out now!
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[Lyle's sitting rather casually in one of the level 15 lounges, listening intently to the tail end of a conversation - or half of a one, anyway - that's filtering through the air. Feel free to listen in if you want, through the power of Nosy Spheres Inc.!]

"... Hey, don't ask me. You're the big bad revolutionary round here, not me."

"What, you mean this? This is boredom."

[there's a little laughter] "Hey, if I'm the spy, does that mean I get a code name?"

[Lyle's lips twitch upwards in a little smirk before his smile becomes a little more thoughtful. He's figured out when this conversation was from and who it was with, and to be honest? He's a little worried about the man in question. Not least because it hasn't crossed his mind in some time.

Feel free to bother him and let him know that he's not alone in listening to this!]
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[Funny how when sleep finally comes, it's always at a time when you're not looking for it, isn't it? Lyle drifted off into a sleep plagued with nightmares a while ago. And after exactly 3 hours, 3 minutes and 3 seconds...]

Well. You know the drill. )

((OOC: HOLY CRAP GUYS, I am sorry for the immense TL;DR. But have some crazy-ass vision representative of A Laws/Innovators win + everyone I love dies + a bit of the good ol' inferiority complex to round everything off. >.>))
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[Well, some time during his previous wanderings in the forest Lyle happened to come across a dagger and he's now sitting pretty in some get-up that looks a little like this. He's also since discovered that he's suddenly a lot more agile - which explains why he's now sitting comfortably in the branches of one of the trees.

... or at least, he was until a group of archers suddenly started shooting at him, almost making him tumble from the tree in surprise. And they don't look very friendly.]

What the hell--?!

[okay, better plan. He'll just be shimmying down this tree really fast now and running away, with the sphere happily recording every detail of this misadventure. There is no shame in running from a group of archers when you are one man with a dagger!]

Okay, the running from people I've done before, but they didn't have arrows. [As if to illustrate his point, one of the aforementioned arrows whooshes over his right shoulder. Yep, he'll just be running until he finds a place to lose them or he finds something in these new clothes that'll help him get out of this situation!]


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